Ken Browne
We bring you this part of my Life with "Joyous Hearts" as it is the best news that we have been given about my Pancreas Cancer since first diagnosed on 10th May 2006.

During my life I have had my share of downers and bad luck! I have called them "Valley Experiences" and God has always helped me through, but when they were finished and I started on my "Mountain Top Experiences" again I generally forgot the One who continues to bless us. We tend to say it・s OK now Lord, I can handle it from here.

However I find in a lot of cases that God is also the one who has opened doors for many of us to find out about Tanya Harter Pierce・s book "Outsmart Your Cancer". In it are many different protocols of cancer fighting dietary mixtures and supplements and one of those mentioned is Protocel. In Australia it is called Entelev. You can find information about Protocel and her book at

My wife and I might not have even looked to Alternative Medicine had we been offered some form of Conventional Medicine when I was first diagnosed. But because my cancer had metastasised throughout my body, I was told that nothing could be done fo me. I never even got to see my Oncologist. Her words to my GP were and I quote "Tell Ken to come and see me when he cannot stand the pain any longer"!

Protocel/Entelev is a Dietary Supplement being used in the treatment of many cancers and is one that we are very happy to say is really working for me. My third CT Scan on 15th March 2007 confirms this, and reads

  No significant interval changes in appearances compared with the previous study in terms of size of primary pancreatic lesion and metastases. No change in the small 3mm lesion located in the right costophrenic angle, with possibly another lesion at the same level in the right lower lobe also.  

My second CT Scan that was taken on 28th September 2006 had said that it was spreading but at a much reduced rate to what my Doctor expected.

We think that having had a "savage detox" first that cleaned out all the cells in my liver and then my diet removing all of my stomach fat and the toxins that cancer feeds on was a smart move. My weight went from 115 kilograms to now being stable for the last three months at 81 to 82 kilograms!!

Many readers, as we did on our first reading of my third CT Scan, will see that this report shows my cancer still exists which we don・t deny. But please don・t forget that this type of cancer is a very aggressive one and it has the capacity to kill you within 5 to 10 months. This is after it has put you and your family through much pain and suffering.

Founders, makers and distributors of Protocel/Entelev are to be congratulated for this excellent product that saves lives.

I will add as a point of interest for everyone that my GP of 17 years has been kept informed of all our undertakings, diet, my fighting frame of mind and of course my partaking of Entelev Formula 50 along with the Proteolytic Enzymes, Bromelain 400mgs and Papain 86mgs. I also get an injection of Vitamin B12 on each visit to my Doctor. He has seen first hand the continued great improvement in my overall health. My blood pressure is now normal, no more cholesterol problems, and the dozen or so pills that I had been taking for 14 years are now finished. Added to this I used to take six to eight Panamax (tablets stronger than Panadol) a day. Now I take about four a week.

All of these details have been fully documented during my fortnightly visits to my GP since my first diagnosis. It has been approximately eleven months now, but I have only been taking Entelev for nine months of this time.

So you can see that conventional medicine cannot deny my results even though my Doctor himself still has trouble believing them!!

His comment on this subject was to say and I quote "Keep doing what you are doing and don・t change a thing" and he added these comments after his entry in my file last week.

There is no way that I could have received such "good results" without my wife Carmel・s help (my Minister for my Internal Affairs) as she is affectionately known!. She is the one who has had to put up with all my whingeing about hating salads and raw green vegetables. My diet will continue to contain many raw vegetables (home grown) and fruits. The only ones that I currently avoid are bananas and watermelon. We try to delete all dairy foods but I do have small amounts of butter on my toast and bread. We go very sparingly on red meat - only having had a leg of organic lamb on three occasions since Father・s Day with my family in 2006.

Breakfast consists of six lettuce leaves, six or eight raw green beans and the same amount of snow peas, a boiled egg and a piece of toast with Vegemite. I do vary this once a week with two poached eggs. Besides this there is always a side dish of fresh fruit at every meal and a glass of warm ginger and lemon is my drink at breakfast. I like to drink about two litres of boiled tank water a day (from our own concrete tank) and we always take this with us when we travel. I take no supplements other than the ones previously mentioned as my immune system gets all the vitamins and minerals it requires from fresh fruit and veggies. I have peppermint herbal teas for morning or afternoon snack time and camomile with my night meal. I do not have fresh orange juice as too much vitamin C is not good when taking Entelev, but I do have an orange with my midday meal.

Lunch consists of a wrap or a sandwich with two pieces of grain bread with left-over chicken or sardines and a lot of salad. Cottage cheese is also added. The only two vegetables I don・t like are cucumber and parsnips. I snack on macadamia nuts and try to eat about 29 to 30 apricot kernels a day (B17 or Laetril). On rare occasions and for a treat Carmel bakes one of her very special "cakes", reducing the sugar and butter ingredients.

Dinner consists mainly of grilled salmon or chicken portions, organic roasted chicken with either salad or steamed veggies. My wife also makes a lovely salmon (tinned) potato bake with shallots etc added, along with stirfrys made from chicken breasts, veggies and noodles. We are always on the lookout for more healthy recipes to vary my diet.

I do not smoke or drink alcohol and avoid processed food or anything that contains preservatives. However contrary to what some critics can accept, we eat lots of fresh paw paw (home grown), black grapes and rock melon, and because we live in a tropical zone in Queensland Australia, large pineapples cost around $2.50 so we enjoy eating about two of them a week.

I will mention of couple of helpful things about taking Entelev/Protocel. It is very affordable and when we travel I have two 20ml glass vanilla bottles that are filled with my six-hourly mixtures. An added bonus with this protocol is that you can eat out at most restaurants and order a meal of grilled chicken or fish with salad!

We will continue with my overall diet until such time as we are sure that my cancer is completely gone and that my immune system is capable of looking after my body again.

I have now come to realise that if I want to "Live a Healthy Life" and survive to a ripe old age (I・m now almost 71) I will have to eat natural healthy foods and give thanks for them.

Entelev/Protocel is not the "Quick Fix Magic Bullet" as one does not exist!

From my story you can see that you have to be very dedicated to get the best results and succeed with your treatment.

After seeing and talking one on one with our friends suffering from cancer (some have died), plus the continued sickening side effects that they had to endure from chemo and radiation treatment, I am not sorry that we chose "Alternative Medicine".

My doctor has told me that when my cancer has gone it will not return! We are anxiously looking forward to that day and will gladly advise everyone of its coming!.

Sincerely yours

God Bless

Carmel and Ken