Brian Alexander Cox Heard any "good news" stories about cancer lately? Well I have two on this update (April 2007) of my website. One is my story and the other is Ken Browne's.

Here's the first one - I am still alive five years after my surgery and chemotherapy for Stage 3 bowel cancer.

In 2002 I learned from an oncologist's study that my chances of being around at the end of five years was 50%, and being unable to find a program to keep me in the right half I did my own research and formulated my own holistic program based on diet, exercise, meditation and self healing.

Details about the program are in my story "Cancer - Surviving Against the Odds" which can be downloaded from this site FREE!.

A colonoscopy in November 2006 confirmed that the cancer has not returned and my surgeon said it would be two years before another examination was necessary. So for me, I feel my program is working, not only in preventing secondary cancer but in enhancing the level of my general health. At 74 I continue to be able to keep clear of any prescribed medication and I believe this helps my body's immune system concentrate on destroying any cancer cells that might emerge again.

However what I would like to emphasise in this update is that both secondary and advanced primary cancers need a much more aggressive alternative therapy program than the one I am using. For example, the diet in my program is a scaled down version of the one used by Dr Johanna Budwig fifty years ago to cure terminally ill cancer patients, and if you want to learn more about Dr Budwig and her complete program, visit

It's the one I'll be following if ever my cancer returns! And by the way, I believe all the information available on the site should be compulsory reading for everybody diagnosed with cancer.

When confronted with a life-threatening disease like cancer we have the choice of going down the traditional chemo/radiation path or undertaking an alternative therapy program. It's a personal decision only you can make - it's your life.

Sometimes we don't have a choice, and I am including on this site a "good news" story written by Ken Browne from Queensland Australia, who in May 2006 was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. He and his wife Carmel had to fight the cancer without conventional medicine because the medical profession had given up on him. In March 2007 his CT scan showed the cancer had stabilised and his general level of health improved to such an extent that he was free of prescribed medications.

His story can also be downloaded FREE from this site, and I hope others with an aggressive cancer will be inspired by the way Ken and his wife have tackled their problem. I pass his story on for information purposes only and not as a substitute for professional medical advice.

I continue to want cancer experiences to be shared on this site. So after you have read these stories please send your comments back to the site. It is not a medical site and no guidance can be given on the direction you should take in your treatment - it is entirely up to you.

It is not a commercial site either - it is not designed to sell anything and I do not receive any financial or other rewards from any organisation - and neither does Ken Browne.
Cancer - Surviving Against the Odds
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Ken Browne's Story
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